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Your New Tiled Conservatory Roof - The Installation Process

We allow a maximum of 5 days to install your new tiled conservatory roof but usually we only require 3 days for the average size conservatory. Day 1 We will arrive on site around 8am. The new roof will be delivered to your house by our manufacturers. That morning we will remove your old roof and get the structure of the new roof up. We will also add the membrane so that the roof is watertight overnight.

Day 2 On day 2 we will arrive around 8am again and tile the roof. If you are having spotlights added or any other electrical work this will also be carried out on day 2. After the electrical work is complete by our electrician the installers will plasterboard the ceiling ready for the plasterer to come and skim the ceiling on day 3.

Day 3 Our plasterer will protect your conservatory floor and frames before he starts skimming the ceiling. Once he has complete your new conservatory is really starting to take shape and the quality finish is evident.

One Week Later We like to decorate the whole conservatory for our customers. We don't want to leave you to decorate or mess about arranging a decorator as we appreciate you have spent a lot of money on your new insulated tiled roof, so by decorating it, it is the icing on the cake and you can just start to use the conservatory as that additional room in the house all year round.

Call 0161 401 2019 or fill in our quote request form for a free quote.

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