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Case Study: Slate Tiled & Insulated Roof - Prestwich

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The customer based in Prestwich had two existing Edwardian style conservatories with polycarbonate roofs.

The conservatories were open to the main house and because of the huge heat loss through the polycarbonate roof the house was always cold and took a lot to heat up in the winter months, the opposite was true throughout the summer where it was like living in a greenhouse.

After visiting the customer, a replacement lean to Icotherm tiled and insulated roof, with two Velux windows and Britmet slate tiles was specified.

This lean to roof spans the entire back of the house and those two conservatories are now more akin to a modern ground floor extension with a plastered ceiling and LED spotlights, that the customer can use all year round. Call 0161 401 2019 for free advice or a no obligation quote or CLICK HERE to request a quote.

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