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Case Study - Icotherm Tiled & Insulated Conservatory Roof Conversion - Worsley

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Like most customers we visit, they want to use there conservatory as an all year round living space and this customer was no different.

We specified an Icotherm tiled and insulated roof, with a large Velux opening for extra light. The tiles chosen by the customer were Metrotile charcoal tiles, which are light weight which limits the load bearing on the existing conservatory.

Once the roof is installed we plastered the ceiling and then once dry, fully decorated the conservatory for the customer. Everything was completed just in time for a big birthday celebration they were having, but unfortunately due to lockdown restrictions, this couldn't happen. Maybe next year eh! Call 0161 401 2019 for free advice or a no obligation quote or CLICK HERE to request a quote.

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